Obama asks Republican Senators McCain, Graham to visit Egypt

The parties have agreed here today that all of the final status issues, all of the core issues and all other issues are all on the table for negotiation, Kerry said. And they are on the table with one simple goal: a view to ending the conflict. Kerry spoke of the meeting President Obama and Vice President Biden had with the parties on Tuesday morning, thanking the president for his leadership in the process. The presidents support for our efforts, including his personal engagement with the parties this morning, has been essential, and I thank him for that, Kerry said. A senior White House official told reporters that Obama has been engaged in the process since his visit to Israel and the West Bank last March and has been working closely with Kerry on the issue. The official said the president spoke extensively with Kerry before the secretarys announcement July 19 that talks would resume, following the presidents call the previous day with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The official said Obama appreciates Kerrys diligent work, but understands that the most difficult work lies ahead.
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Obama hosts Hillary Clinton for lunch — ‘friendship’ on the menu

Instead, the White House released a picture snapped by an official photographer. An embarrassing scandal involving top Clinton aide Huma Abedin may be another reason the former secretary of state wasn’t planning to speak to reporters. Abedin is married to Anthony Weiner, who is refusing to quit the New York City mayor’s race even after acknowledging he had continued the sexting behavior that forced him out of Congress in 2011. Even barely past the halfway mark in 2013, Hillary 2016 rumors have swirled around Washington notably because of the possibility that this could pit her against Biden. I can die a happy man never having been president of the United States of America, Biden recently told GQ .
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Obama proposes ‘grand bargain’ for jobs

He said specifics of the trip, including with whom he and McCain would meet, had not yet been worked out. McCain and Graham, two of the Senate’s most influential voices on foreign policy matters, have at times been harsh critics of Obama’s foreign policy. The White House has recently been reaching out to them on a range of issues. U.S. officials have been grappling with how to respond to the situation in Egypt since its elected Islamist president, Mohamed Mursi, was ousted by the military on July 3. In particular, they have struggled with how to handle the $1.55 billion in mostly military aid Washington sends to Cairo each year.
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But he wants it to be coupled with a significant investment on some sort of job creation program, such as manufacturing, infrastructure or community colleges. “As part of his efforts to focus Washington on the middle class, today in Tennessee the president will call on Washington to work on a grand bargain focused on middle-class jobs by pairing reform of the business tax code with a significant investment in middle-class jobs,” Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said. Senior administration officials described the corporate tax proposal as the first new economic idea Obama plans to offer in the coming months, with budget deadlines looming in the fall. Administration officials wouldn’t put a price tag on the proposal or say how much would be a “significant” investment in jobs since the dollar figures would be part of negotiations with Congress. But in an example from this year’s State of the Union address, Obama proposed $50 billion to put Americans to work repairing roads and bridges and other construction jobs.
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Obama’s NY Times Interview A Rare Sit-Down With A Newspaper

We look forward to continuing to work with the administration. Pushing Forward Separately, Baucus told reporters yesterday that it was wonderful that Obama was pushing forward on taxes. Asked about his previous statement that Obamas hands-off approach was helpful, Baucus said that the addition of infrastructure was favorable because the issue is less partisan. Obama supports reducing the corporate tax rate to 28 percent for most companies and 25 percent for manufacturers, down from 35 percent today. As outlined in a 2012 administration proposal, he would pay for those changes by curtailing tax breaks. One of the largest tax breaks for businesses is accelerated depreciation. Making that tax benefit less available increases the chances that the administration would have to turn to other changes to lower the rate to 28 percent.
Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-30/obama-tax-plan-tackles-budget-issue-with-political-hurdle.html

Barack Obama revives tax plan in bid for fiscal ‘bargain’

RELATED CHATTANOOGA, UNITED STATES: US President Barack Obama on Tuesday offered to lower corporate tax rates in exchange for simplifying a code “riddled with loopholes,” in a renewed bid to strike a fiscal deal with rival Republicans. The reheated tax reform plan, first proposed by Obama and rejected by Republicans in 2011, is part of an attempt by the president to create a “better bargain” for the middle class in a second term thus far marked by few accomplishments. Republicans, especially Tea Party conservatives, have rejected any proposals that would increase government revenue, insisting that only spending cuts can roll back the bloated deficit without further harming the sluggish economic recovery. Seeking middle ground, Obama, in a speech in Chattanooga, Tennessee, proposed lowering the maximum rate to 28 percent, down from 35 percent. “Our tax code is so riddled with loopholes and special interest tax breaks that a lot of companies who are doing the right thing and investing in America pay 35 percent in their taxes,” Obama said. In contrast, “corporations who have got fancy accountants and stash their money overseas, they pay apply for student loan forgiveness act of 2012 little or nothing in taxes.
Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/Barack-Obama-revives-tax-plan-in-bid-for-fiscal-bargain/articleshow/21499754.cms

Obama Entrance Into Tax Rewrite Draws Republican Rebuke

By contrast, the president has done hundreds of interviews with television outlets, especially local news stations, during his time in office. He also likes having reporters and pundits come to the White House for off-the-record meetings . The Times is widely viewed as having especially good access to the Obama team, even if it has received one-on-one, on-the-record access to Obama himself so infrequently. Recently, former White House assistant press secretary Reid Cherlin described the paper as one of the administration’s “three favored outlets,” along with the Associated Press and Politico’s Mike Allen. The Times made the most of the opportunity, posting three separate stories about the interview, as well as audio excerpts and a full transcript .
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Hollywood Central Park Redesigns Website to Encourage Community Input

Galleries Emmy nominees 2013 BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Honey Boo Boo is getting some competition. Another family from rural Georgia is coming to reality television, with “Hollywood Hillbillies” set to debut in January on ReelzChannel. The show follows Michael Kittrell and his grandmother Delores Hughes, known as “Mema,” as the family moves from Grayson, Ga., to Hollywood. Along for the ride are Kittrell’s aunt, Dee Dee Peters, her boyfriend Paul Conlon, and Kittrell’s uncle John Cox. MORE: Latest TV coverage | Reality TV | TV Zone blog | TV Listings Kittrell is known as “The Angry Ginger” on YouTube, where a video he made to protest a “South Park” episode that claimed redheads have no soul gained attention.
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Can Kickstarter Save Hollywood?

(Michael Owen Baker/L.A. Daily News) (null) Photo gallery: Health Wheels at Fox Studios Gary Dion climbed aboard a long, sleek van one recent morning and emerged minutes later with a bandaged finger, a little less blood in his veins and a big smile. The 55-year-old special-effects supervisor who works on the hit show “Bones” said he’s been feeling a little weak lately and wanted to know why. So when he heard that the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s mobile health clinic was stopping at Fox Studios in Century City where he works, he signed up for the chance for a physical, a blood test and an examination of a smashed-up finger. “These guys are a blessing,” said Dion, who once led the roller skating dance crew in the 1980 movie “Xanadu.” “I didn’t have to get in my car and drive to see a doctor.” Four times a week, the medical clinic on wheels parks and rolls out the red carpet inside five different studio lots across Los Angeles for the men and women who spend 14-hour days working behind the scenes on Hollywood’s biggest movies and TV shows.
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Posted by Marla Schevker (Editor) , July 29, 2013 at 11:38 AM Next Previous Slideshow Download In an effort to encourage creative individuals to offer designs for a new stretch of park, the Friends of the Hollywood Central Park (FHCP) released a new feature on its website ( http://www.hollywoodcentralpark.org ) that allows for interaction and creation. People now have the opportunity to create their own versions of the 44-acre park planned for the one-mile stretch of the Hollywood Freeway between Hollywood Boulevard/Bronson Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard/Western Avenue. According to the FHCP press release, the website, offers numerous possibilities for potential features at the park including cafes, dog parks, libraries and landscaping. Participants are invited to submit their designs to the FHCP board, who will attempt to incorporate the ideas into the final design. Knowing the level of interest in the community about Hollywood Central Park, we decided the best way to get input on what should be built was give everybody a chance to create their dream park, Laurie Goldman, FHCP president, said in a written statement. This is everybodys park, and everybody should have an opportunity to submit their own ideas.
Source: http://hollywood.patch.com/groups/around-town/p/hollywood-central-park-redesigns-website-to-encourage-community-input

Thousands of people have contributed to nearly 30,000 films on Kickstarter. For fans like Mayfield, The most exciting part has been getting updates about the movie from Rob Thomas and discussingthem with my friends who are Veronica Mars fans, she wrote. Its fun to be intimately connected to a movie that I care about. Whatever is driving these numbers, the crowdfunding site seems to have its finger on the pulse of what filmgoers want. Zach Braff successfully funded hisGarden State sequel,Wish I Was Here, to the tune of more than $3 million, while last years darling of Sundance, the documentaryAi Weiwei: Never Sorry, took in $52,175 on the crowdfunding site–more than twice its original goal. Following in their footsteps, Spike Lee turned to Kickstarter this week in a bid to make a film about humans who are addicted to blood. Both Lee and Braff have been criticized for their use of the crowdfunding site, with many speculating whether their star power undermines the sites original mission of giving lesser-known projects a voice. Braff secured a leading film financier, Worldview Entertainment, to top off his Kickstarter funding , while Lee, a Knicks season ticket-holder and the artistic director of New York Universitys graduate film program, isn’t hurting for money .
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Hollywood Blockbusters Losing Luster: They’re Off 13% at Foreign Box Office

Hollywood aims to keep tax rate the same

None did last year. It’s not that the Chinese are exporting hits — all three did nearly all their business at home — but they’re doing enough domestically to make the list of leaders. The Chinese box office grew by 36 percent to become the No. 2 global film market in 2012, and it is still expanding. Also read: How China Is Driving Its Own Box-Office Boom “We’ve seen this huge expansion in the Chinese market over the past few years and that created a huge need for content,” said Bruce Nash, founder of The Numbers. “Initially, it was Hollywood that was filling it, but Chinese filmmakers are adapting and starting to make movies that have a great deal of appeal.
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Why this law firm? I think theyre sort of public-spirited, public-interest lawyers who believe that the law should be enforced. They are hoping that some of these suits will pay off, but I think that theyre willing to take a chance and prosecute some of these without a big payoff at the end. The way to stop this practice is to bring big suits and win. But its also, in the short term, a way to bring more attention to the firm and bring in more clients. Because its also a very high-profile advertisement.
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Why Interns Are Suing ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Hollywood, and Other Dream Employers

Its better than what we had. The tax rate will remain at $7.4479 per $1,000 of assessed property value and the fire fee will remain at $189. However, Hollywoods property values increased by 4.09 percent, according to the Broward property appraiser. A homeowner whose property is currently valued at $100,000 will pay about $559 to the city, after taking the standard homestead exemption. Thats not including school, county and other taxes.
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Scarlett Johansson sells condo in Hollywood

(Realtor.com / July 5, 2013) Also July 5, 2013, 12:40 p.m. Actress Scarlett Johansson continues to clean house in the Los Angeles real estate market. Last year she sold the Wong House in Los Feliz for $3.5 million and now she has unloaded what Celebuzz calls her bachelorette pad in Hollywood for $470,000, public records show. The unit, with city views, features one bedroom, two bathrooms, marble countertops and 1,148 square feet of living space.
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Hollywood’s glass ceiling: Why doesn’t the film industry trust women?

Melissa Silverstein is the founder and editor of Women and Hollywood . She is co-founder of the Athena Film Festival and author of “In Her Voice: Women Directors Talk Directing” . Follow her @melsil on Twitter. New York, NY (CNN) — It would be wonderful to say that in 2013 things were looking up for women in Hollywood — both onscreen and behind the scenes — but the sad news is that the numbers have remained consistently dismal for the last decade.
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