Paying Off Student Loans But Sallie Mae Reports Late

This fall, she and her daughter, Paige, are both adding debt to help pay for Paige’s freshman year at Saginaw Valley State University. “I owe about 40K, and now here I am having to borrow money to pay for my daughter’s education,” said Erica Murphy, a Taylor resident. “There should be a better, more affordable way to finance an education.” That’s the feeling of many who feel trapped into borrowing money by ever increasing college costs. “The price of tuition at big public schools is outrageous, and the price of books keeps climbing into the stratosphere,” said Will Huff, a graduate student at Arkansas Tech University. “I think the USA should find a way to lower the price of education, and by no means should the government profit off of the students.” The debt can be crippling to young graduates, keeping them from renting apartments, buying cars and beginning their professional lives, many said. Having a portion of that debt being tied to federal government profits is frustrating, they said.

“The borrowers are not in default because they want to be. We try to offer them solutions that make sense to them.” Perry said that those in debt are often looking for a way to get back in good standing. The collectors at Progressive serve as counselors to help them develop a payback plan, he said. Progressive collects on Perkins Loans, offered by the U.S. Department of Education, Stafford Loans, which are government guaranteed, and other loans.

Suze Orman takes on the student loan view site… crisis

in Washington. Many student-loan borrowers who file for bankruptcy are hit by a problem: When they emerge from Chapter 13, their credit-card and medical debt is wiped clean, but their student-loan burden remainsand in many cases it has grown. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that many people who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy are restricted from making full monthly payments on their student loans during the cases three-to-five-year repayment period because of the U.S. Bankruptcy Codes repayment rules. When they dont get full payments on student loans, lenders can add interest, late fees and other penalties to the bill.

Obama administration to begin new student loan outreach

There are some other lenders out there but essentially you’d be converting a federal loan with all the benefits into a private loan. With you having the ability to pay off the loans and being so close to eliminating them, I don’t think jumping to another lender makes sense. In the interest of life simplicity and and one less thing to worry about I’d payoff the loan as you plan and then circle back to deal administratively with the erroneous payment reporting if it appears on your credit report. The bigger issue here is if any payments were missed being applied correctly in the transfer and that’s what has caused the incorrect late payment reporting. I would hate to assume it’s just an oversight on Sallie Mae and miss a real missing payment.

How Bankruptcy Can Send Your Student Loans Soaring

Nasser says she might want to apply for a repayment or forgiveness program but doesn’t have the “slightest clue” where to start. “Especially if you are a first-generation student, you don’t ever go through a workshop that explains to you, this is how you are going to pay for college,” she says. By being proactive instead of reactive, the Department of Education hopes to help struggling students avoid defaulting or paying more than is necessary. Mayotte just hopes the e-mails and phone calls don’t get lost in transmission. “Borrowers that are past due get a ton of phone calls and they get a ton of mail, and a lot of the time they don’t answer the phone and they don’t open the mail,” Mayotte says.

Recent reports show that Americans owe $1 trillion in student loan debt , that’s about $200 million more than they owe in credit card debt. The story worsens when you factor in interest rates and ramifications for not paying on school debt. “It’s a real travesty what is going on in our country with student loans and our children,” stressed Orman. “Students are paying more in interest on student loans than what they pay for a car or a mortgage, and those loans (auto and mortgages) can be discharged in bankruptcy,” said Orman. Unlike with most debts, the current federal law states that student loans cannot be dissolved or written off in a bankruptcy. This is a point of contention for Orman, who said “I couldn’t agree with Sen.


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